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Pumpkin Princess and White Horse Prince, Storytelling Pendek – Belajar bahasa Inggris menggunakan cerita memang tidak akan terasa berat, misalnya kita belajar mendongeng atau memberikan storytelling pendek kepada orang lain yang belum bisa berbahasa Inggris sebagai cara untuk latihan.

Sebagai bahan, berikut akan dibagikan satu lagi contoh storytelling pendek yaitu storytelling berjudul Pumpkin Princess and White Horse Prince. Untuk dapat menceritakan cerita ini tentunya pertama-tama kita harus tahu terlebih dahulu tentang cerita yang akan dibawakan.

Cerita Pumpkin Princess and White Horse Prince ini adalah sebuah cerita dongeng yang mengisahkan seorang Putri Labu dan Pangeran Berkuda Putih. Alur ceritanya tidak rumit dan mudah untuk dibawakan dihadapan orang lain misalnya anak-anak atau teman belajar kita. Supaya cepat, silahkan langsung saja dibaca terlebih dahulu storytelling pendek tersebut di bawah ini.

Good morning, Ass.Wb.Wr
The Honourable Mr Suite as our English Teacher, and my beloved friend.

There are many stories we can learn and we take the lesson, for example, a legend or a short story and other stories. On this favorable occasion I would tell a story that is full with a moral message, the story titled " Pumpkin Princess and White Horse Prince ".

Pumpkin Princess and White Horse Prince
In a distant village, there lived an old woman who lived alone, in her daily life as only a seeker of wood, and when he was passing through a cave to rest, he mourned... 

Women: O Lord, why did you let your servant live in solitude, give me a heredity,
And when it was.... A monster overheard, then:
Monster: hey lady! I heard your hope; I can give you a descendant. ,
Women: (with a fear and confusion) yo yo youu …who are you, really? You could give me a child?
Female: Yeah right! But in one condition, on Friday night you prepare chicken 77, 7 bread and ice cream 7.
Women: for what?

Monster: Yes, for eat! And, so I know you come to read this mantra (... ... ... ...) (whispering)
Female: OK, ...

At the time specified, Indonesia English Storytelling

The woman came back and read the spell (... ... ... ... ..) 
Monster: Hehehe you come too apparently, which mine ordered? 
Women: thissss (by shaking) 
Monster: OK! Hem you bring these pumpkins ... when you arrived at the house then trim it and you will have your baby get there and do not forget to read his mantra.
Women: yes! (Very complicated)

(after receiving the pumpkins, the old lady immediately turned to go, but ... 

Monster: wait you have to remember when he was 17 years you must give her to me again
Women: ok!

Then when he got home:

She was soon fast cut pumpkins and reciting mantras,, (... ...)
Princess pumpkin: oeeeeeeeeeeeekkkkkkkkk oekkkk
Women: ohhh my son!!!!!!

Along time, these women continue to treat and care for these babies to grow up .. Once, a pumpkin princess saw her mother was crying 

Princess pumpkin: why, are you crying mom?
Women: son, now you are 17 years old already, I have to give you the monster,
Princess pumpkin:: What? No way!!
In the uncertainty 

The daughter suddenly met with fairy pumpkin 

Elves: pumpkin princess, why you looking sad?

Princess Pumpkin: yes fairy, I'm confused, my mother said I must be submitted to the monster because I am already 17 years old,

Elves: do not be confused daughter, I give cucumber, shrimp paste and, ice, you throw one at a time when you face these monsters.
Princess pumpkin: thank you very good fairy

When I got home ...

Princess pumpkin: mother, mother, I've found a way out, I was given instructions by the fairies!
Women: what did he give!?
Princess pumpkin: you're given a cucumber, shrimp paste and ice,
Women: yes but now thankfully. you must rest for tomorrow monster will pick you up,

Next day morning....
Monster: heeeeeeeeeeeeei old women which you promised, where is princess pumpkin?
Woman: she is not here!

(From the back door creeping sediment pumpkin princess ...)
Monster: Hey! where you want the pumpkin!

[Princess pumpkin run as fast as possible, he threw the cucumber, the monster managed
To eat her, then he flung mud shrimp transformed so, (it's easier said monster)

Then the last is the ice .. turned into a river, a monster (what do you think I can not swim) Princess pumpkin no longer running strong and almost caught,.... But suddenly ...

Prince: wait heiiiiiiiiii ugly monster!
Monster: what is it? Who are you? You should not intervene this business ...
Prince: but it's not fair if you're against a woman, let's finish in males,
Monster: good, but if I win I'll eat the pumpkin princess, and if you take the Minister's daughter went pumpkin 

Then they fight

Monster and princes: ciatttttttttttttt, haikk (pake suit Japanese war)
Prince: hurray hurray ... I win you back, let me take away the pumpkin's daughter,
Monster: hemmm,.

Well, (with wan)
Prince: What's daughter what are you?
Princess pumpkin: yes it's what
Prince: will you marry me? (With the daughter's hand gourd)
Princess pumpkin: yes with pleasure,
Akhiranya And they all lived happily
The old woman, daughter of Pumpkin and princess

That was a story that I can tell. Hopefully we can take a lesson from the story. Thank you very much for your attention, good morning and Wassalamualaikum Wb.Wr


Teks di atas sudah dibuat lengkap seperti teks untuk storytelling yang sudah dilengkapi dengan pembukaan dan penutupan storytelling. Dengan demikian kita akan lebih mudah dalam mempelajari dan menghafalkannya. Selain teks di atas, ada juga storytelling singkat lain yang dapat kita baca misalnya storytelling Tiger of Chao – Cheng dan masih banyak lainnya.

Dengan adanya cerita untuk story telling yang singkat di atas mudah-mudahan kita dapat lebih pintar lagi dalam bahasa Inggris. Jika masih membutuhkan contoh-contoh lain silahkan baca melalui kategori yang ada atau lihat contoh terbarunya dibagian bawah artikel ini. Itu saja, silahkan dibaca dan semoga bermanfaat.

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