This blog “Cerita Inggris Indonesia” is a blog created specifically for beginners in learning English through the stories.  Cerita Inggris Indonesia is a special blog that can help us to learn and understand more about the English language from many stories both in English and Indonesia. This blog will provide all stories such as short story, novel, legend, folklore, tales and other English stories.

To complement the materials and learn English in this blog, visitors will get a lot of material, whether it is for reading materials, exercises, question and answer based on the stories presented. In addition, the reader on this blog will get many special stories chosen by admin to practice reading and analyzing errors in a word, sentence, and paragraph or in an article.

The material herein prepared by Handoko who is admin on this blog. Handoko is Indonesian citizen who had learned English and have adequate experience in teaching English language especially for beginners both children and adults. Thus, of course, this blog will become a good reference for the passage of the new visitors begins to learn English or for those who want to sharpen their English language skills.

Finally, I do really hope that this blog will be able to contribute to the development of our language skill and we are all learning.