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Short Story - The Mystery of Secret Admirer. Today I will share you one short story written by a student of senior high school. This story is also shared in an Indonesian Language. Let’s take a look at the story (mystery of secret admire) bellow. 

The Mystery of Secret Admirer - Morning dew smelled damp. The hiding sun blushed tuk shining smile. The wind is still cold in through the cracks of the window that berlahan greet gita gita smooth skin, so it wakes from sleep lelapnya gita. When the eye has an open mind gita there are the words "good morning my beautiful world!"

Gita is the figure of a girl smiling, calm, not much to say. He's one of the students who excel in school, especially in the field of arts and literature. Good music, art, dance, voice. Gita is famous for beautiful poems that always he made and exhibited in madding school. Gita friends nicknamed him "sigadis literature" because there is no day without a poem. In addition to art and literature like gita also love imagining the earth objects. Every school he always took time to sit down to watch his front garden as a cloud above a walk. He always imagined describes what he likes with clouds. Sometimes schoolmates assume it is a strange thing. However, that's gita, the girl is a hobby imagination and too love the things that exist on earth. Gita always closes his ears when the throw taunts about his hobbies are imagination.

When daylight arrived gita always berimajenasi with clouds and when dating night with moon star berimajenasi gita gita even three objects that often speaks.

The day was a Sunday night Monday, gita out of his room, sitting at the window of a room in steady slow rhythm of the song to the accompaniment of classical guitar ibanes and a soft voice. When his eyes fixed on the face of the sky he would terpanah very bright star and the brightest star among others. The star is the star Sirius, the star is always smiling brightly in any weather. As bad as the weather up there sirius always seen smiling sweetly. Gita was in love with sirius. He was so struck by the light emitted sirius. He did not sleep all night willing to accompany sirius to school the next day when he got sick he was even unconscious. Gita was never like this before. Gita has been knocked unconscious when his friends ask what happened to him. Gita answered and told him all that eve events. All my friends who listen to stories gita gita was surprised with the behavior even many who mocked gita. Gita was irritated, annoyed, angry, gita felt no man who understands the things he likes.

One day gita buy a balloon shaped like a cartoon that he "Spongebob", he writes the name and number of his hp and then he flew the balloon. Gita for someone to find it and the balloon could be the first friend who could understand him. Seven days later, there was a man who sends a short message to the gita "gita hai", gita then replied, "O well sorry who are you?"

"Introduce me mo'i name, my real name gita also. I can be your mobile phone number of a balloon that I found the garden outside my house, "replied the woman inventor balloon gita. They feel fit and always communicate and eventually gita and his new friend become familiar, yet strangely they are the same name gita khumaera virgin. Place and date of birth they are also the same in RS Mother Love Pacific Islands April 4, 1996. berimajenasi their hobby with the same objects that exist on earth. Those same ideals which became a flight attendant in order to explore the world, with a close look at the clouds and become a writer. They are the same favorite color is white and blue sea, food and drink that they like the same, the things they like is the same. Like roses, love poems, love history, love of literature, like that associated with the arts, like reading books, and also berimajenasi with clouds and moon star. The thing they hate is the same, with whose names they hate lies and insults. And oddly enough their parents wedding date is also the same, 3 november 1994. This really can not be trusted with human logic and maybe this would not happen in this world. Where there may be a young man who started it all-together from small to large they are all the same thing. Though they have no blood ties, but in this world nothing is impossible if the almighty had willed human dilogika impossible can happen.

Two gita also had words of wisdom that they try to apply the same in their daily lives, "be a flower in the middle of the ocean". They want to be a female figure who is easy to see but hard to come by and if you really want to get it takes a huge sacrifice.

"Beauty is not in the clothes adorned, but the beauty of it is of good character and science". They were born in the family of high caste, but they never arrogant, never the slightest show off the wealth of their parents. They learn not to judge people from the outside but inside his heart. Mandates given their parents the same, "do not be proud to see successful people take a look at how people can be so successful. Success is the ability to go through and overcome failures without missing the spirit ". Truly the saddest part for students is always a crisis of confidence and despair. The gita write all the message framed cardboard paper & bamboo yellow wall and pinned her room. Each school will set the gita always read it. They never get tired of reading it even though they have more than a thousand times. Parents and home workers who fly balloons gita called him "Mio", while the inventor gita balloon was calling her as "Moi".

The sun had appeared cheery smile at the world, butterflies white blue dikelambu dancing to the accompaniment of melodious chirping of birds in the ear feels. Mio is always accompanied him riding a bike to school every morning. When kekanvas blue eyes fixed above mio mio look colorful light scratches that archery eyes, it was a rainbow. Gita then pedaled hard, looking for the point end of the rainbow. He's unconscious, hour hand shows the number 07:20. Just because a rainbow gita forget the school. When the color faded rainbow mio will realize what he's doing. He stopped sepedahnya disebuah small lake is quiet and clean. He sat for a moment dibebatuan lakeside.

9:00 o'clock, he turned his bike and pedaling. Gita is very guided, he had confused which way to step. He could not go home because it will definitely be dimarah his parents but he also could not go to school because it will surely be driven by Somad pack, school security guard who is famous fierce and bitchy. Mio sepedahnya pedaling towards the west. He stopped disebuah small village very rundown. Many small children and no school peer mio.

"Hey", sapa mio in children. "Hai" said the children in unison.

"You're not in school?" Asked mio back. "No, there is no cost to us and we have to work to eat everyday" said one of the children peer mio. Gita without realizing she shed her tears grains, so sad story of the children. Mio just realized that there are many children in this country who live in poverty and many of them could not taste the world of education. When he awoke from his reverie he looked at his hands which showed 11.00. mio had to get home because of distance slum with his middling far enough. Arriving home mio telling all the things that happened to moi. They are two different lines but one character. They are the same character no different.

A sunny day with the company on Sunday called the warm sun, mio ​​invite moi met. Mio curious about moi because of the characters and all that they possess the same. Mio is accompanied by his driver waited in the small lake moi mio found while chasing rainbows. Arriving didanau mio told the driver to wait elsewhere. Five minutes later moi come with a driver. Moi told his driver to wait another place anyway. Moi Currently out of his car to approach mio, mio ​​stunned even his eyes did not blink at all.

"O mio" called moi.

"Hahaaahaai also, you moi?" Asked mio while stuttering.

"Yes", replied moi, throwing his smile. "Subhanallah ..." Mio is like dreaming in sleep lelapnya. Face, posture, hair, height, clothes he wore were the same as moi. They are very similar from head to tip of toe nails, all the same is almost no difference. If moi mio him look like being filled. They shook hands and smiled at each other sweetly. They were talking and joking. They each came home, they parted with their little finger unite and say the word "FOREVER" from their lips.

Life is full of drama improvisation, without scenarios, without knowing which will happen, who will be a place where you meet or will you walk on. Say "YES!" And if you're lucky you will meet with about a man who will say "YES". Come back to you (Stephan Colbert) eve without the star and the crescent moon illuminated only fireflies. Mio was deserted, nobody any stars in the sky. Mio came out of his room and went to his father and mother.

"Bun, mio ​​must ask you something?" Mio asked with a look of curiosity.
"What mio?" Replied her mother
"Did your father or mother has a twin, or the fact I have a twin?" Asked further mio. Father and mother stared with wonder mio.
"Not mio, princis father and mother so just you dear" said his father.
"Yeah mio why did you ask that? Mother continued.
"There's nothing really, yasudah mio sleep ya father mother .." said mio
"Yes mio" replied his father and mother.

Thing done by moi mio done anyway, but the answer was the same with both parents mio.
One day mio asked to move home to his parents. Mio and moi have plans to bring each of their parents. Two months later the parents moi obey his request.

Overcast clouds covering the bright blue sky. Twilight has arrived swept the city, and the trains were awaiting mio. The weather that day was very bad but moi always smiling. Carah changed the dawn twilight, moi right to occupy the house to the right of the mio. Time to bring together parents and moi mio has been in front of the eye. Eve-studded stars and the bright light of the full moon they bring their parents in the front garden. When his parents met, and they were stunned to see moi mio. Nothing can distinguish where and where moi mio. They are twins like spitting. They introduce their parents respectively. Mio explains all how mio and moi met. Moi mio parents and talk about their children. They were surprised because the character of their children equally. Ever since that night and mio moi family became closely. Moi mio daily and always filled both.

Chemistry or also called the central science because of its important role among other sciences, like chemistry likened moi. Moi is very important and meaningful dihidup mio vice versa. Mio moi one day and wanted to try the experiment. Moi and mio observed rock falls from a certain height. "Do kelajuannya fixed or accelerated?" Asked moi. Then came a male voice behind that answer questions meraka. The man is a sports teacher pack andie mio moi and school. "It used to Aristotle, the Greek philosopher of answering this question is based on principles of any kind of object or substance has a natural place in which it is located and where it goes. So, what will naturally rise upwards towards the stars and the sun. Earth and stone are things she will fall keasalnya earth. Large stone will be more down to earth than the small stone so large rock will quickly fall. "Said sir andrei.

"More than 2,000 years nobody felt the need to experiment to get the information about the universality of physics to Galileo (1965-1692) revolutionized science by doing experiments dibindag" pack up andrei.

They smiled and gave applause "great father" said moi. "How did you get here? Tanya mio. Mr know because you read a book. Father had passed then see you, so be it father stopped me, allow? "Replied sir andrei. "Should" and mio moi replied. They then talk.

I want to like the Italian astronomer and physicist Galileo could formulate laws that govern the motion of objects in free fall. He also investigated the motion of a body on an inclined plane, find a thermometer, build concepts of relative motion and found that Erak pendulum can be used to measure the time interval after he mendesains and make telescopes. He found four moons jupiter, lunar surface is rough, sunspots, and the phases of Venus, and show that the galaxy consists of a cluster of stars. Moi says with a smile and his eyes looked up at the blue umbrella. "So you have to study and read books, always trying and pray, do not be afraid to fail words. Failure is success delayed. You remember not the alpha tomas edison? "Said sir andrei. "Remember" replied mio moi and compact. Well he is the most stupid scientists. Each list he refused to go to school but because of hard work he could find lights dankeuletanya and to this very useful as a tool for human torch at night instead? "He experimented for many failures even only once even many times, but many times he failed. But yes that's because of the hard work, effort, willingness and confidence is high that he could pack andrei said further. And essentially we have the spirit of such negligent tomas edison right sir? Tanya mio. That's right yasudah father would return to the hospital before you go see friends father said sir andrei. Yes sir caution road mio said.

Dawn has arrived with a smile accompanied the sun shines. Menyangi melodious birds and dancing under the dome of the sky. Moi and pedaling mio sepedahnya to go to school. Arriving at school he is confronted by two young men and Wiliam steven. Famous youth like a ignorant slonongan style. Mio two young men hated it.

"Hai moi, O mio"

"O mio responsibility also, very cool mio moi hand to pull him quickly to the classroom. When approaching moi steven class. "Hi moi" hello steven ... emm know not moi physicists and mathematicians of the famous English was superb and his contribution to physics dominated scientific thought for two centuries and remain important to this day. "asked stevan. "Sir isaac newton" moi replied. Yes true, Tau do not make any difference with you? Tanya steven. Nah, responsible moi. If newton greatest scientists in history if you cintawan the greatest in my heart "says stevan. "Ih crap deh, says moi. Mio immediately expel stevan. "Beware lo! Mio said. "Moi do not be rude-rude amused" says moi.

One day at school and mio moi will hold a birthday party school. Mio and moi art teacher was asked to dance the dance of the region serimpi Java. Moi and mio follow dance lessons at the studio owned by didi nini towok. Mio moi figures and admire. Didi towok nini is a man skilled in the art of dance. Movement is very flexible and always make people amazed him. Moi and mio called om didi. Moi and mio om didi asked to teach them dance serimpi. Dance is a dance palace serimpi gerakannnya very alon. It takes patience, flexibility and dance skills to bring it. Mio and moi were given one month to learn the dance. Day after day passed imperceptibly superbly already one month has passed. Now its time meraka show action. Steven and William is very impressed lithe movements mio moi and to the extent that their eyes do not blink. Interval of 7 days after the anniversary event and moi mio school was re-appointed by the school to represent the provincial level school art contest. They brought Pendet of bali requiring eye movements. Mio moi and practicing with om didi. "Son, it's very difficult Pendet" dance requires full concentration. Characteristic of this dance is the movement of the eyes. You should study the motion of the eye. Eye and hand movement are very opposite. Way to train the eye is one of the positions put one finger and then move right and left. Cornea must always follow the direction of motion of your hand. Do it every day so that your eyes are quickly trained. Focus your mind and concentration always nak, message om didi.

Finally thanks to the hard work and tenacity mio moi and look very wrapped up with a complete Balinese Pendet fashion hairstyle decorated with floral accessories. Mio and moi looks very pretty and graceful. Steven and William witnessed the action and mio moi. After changing uniforms mio moi and steven and Wiliam approached and mio moi. But as usual mio put bitchy face, indifferent, and always spoke curtly. Moi is uncomfortable with the attitude mio. Moi then pulled mio and said goodbye to Steven and William by throwing a smile. Moi took small kedanau mio. "Mio hell are you?" Their good intentions, they do not like what you Think. They changed both just to get close to you, you realize not you think they like you "you try to see the birds that they get along and the clouds are gathering into one beautiful is not it?" Said moi. Mio just quietly not said a word.

"Emm mio, still remember the words Stephen Colbert?" Remember!! You can not young and wise at the same time. Young people who pretend to wisdom and understanding of life. Most people who are cynical. They do not want to learn anything, because cynicism blinded myself. Rejection of the outside world because they fear if the outside world will be hurt and disappointment. Cynics always say "no" but to say "Yes" means to start something new. So, as long as you have the power to say YES "moi said. Listening to moi, mio ​​feel guilty, he lowered his head did not dare look at moi.

Mio next day ventured to apologize to Steven and William. Steven gladly forgive her and William. They shook hands and looked at each other-view. Soon moi and got the announcement that mio mio moi and got first prize in dance competition yesterday.

After listening to the announcement mio moi and open their lockers to retrieve something. But there is a piece of paper they diloker congratulations. Moi and mio wonder who gave the speech. Mio asked the children sitting next to their lockers.

"Hey, you know who sent this paper keloker us?"

"Maybe steven and William, they're the same care you" friend replied mio. Mio and moi at each other and burst out laughing. Since then every day and mio moi always sent love poems and roses. Although not as beautiful poem Anwar words, poetry is not as complicated ws rendra and highly pirated words for moi and mio but over time more and more strange words and make moi and mio always frowned. Until finally moi and mio away stevan and Wiliam. Steven and William and mio moi ask "why did you become like this against us?". "What you mean to send poems whose words we really do not like?" Replied moi. Poetry? William replied. "Yeah, instead of for the guys who sends poetry and roses for us?" Asked mio. "No, never send anything to you" replied William. Then? Four of them wondered.

One day steven and Wiliam caught someone who was opening lockers and moi mio. The young man was wearing a black jacket and a hat. Steven and William lifted the young man. And it turns out the young man often sent poems and roses. The young man is a pack andrei, their school gym teacher. Mr. andrei rebelled when held by steven and Wiliam. Soon the school principal and the family pack andre come. Family pack pack andrei andrei said that like mio and moi but pack andrei now experiencing mental and psychiatric disorders because of an accident that makes the stone hit the head of the pack andrei and his fiancee died. Mr. andrei then taken to the psychiatric hospital. Mio and moi did not think it was all his own teacher's actions.

Now Steven, William, mio ​​moi and friends again. Exact date of 14 April 2012 and was repeated in moi mio small four of them went into the lake and camped there for the roses they broke up the color changed to black. Steven and William carve names moi, mio, steven and Wiliam BEST FRIEND FOREVER in large trees.

That was our today’s short story. Hope that this story can give you something valuable. Do not forget to check the other story in English and Indonesian only in this blog.

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