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Cerpen cinta kali ini yaitu “Sweet and Sour Story Behind My Diary“ merupakan terjemahan dari Cerpen Cinta - Asam Manis Kisah Di Balik My Diary yang sebelumnya telah dibahas. Cerpen cinta bahasa Inggris ini dibahas untuk sobat yang ingin menikmati cerita ini dalam versi Inggris.

Cerpen Cinta - Sweet and Sour Story Behind My Diary
Ilustrasi Cerpen Cinta
 Sweet and Sour Story Behind My Diary

Cerpen Sweet And Sour Story Behind My Diary

Tidak perlu panjang dan lebar, silahkan yang ingin mencicipi bagaimana alur cerita ini dalam bahasa Inggris langsung simak cerita selengkapnya berikut.

Sweet And Sour Story Behind My Diary
Dawn call to prayer has reverberated awaken Muslims to worship. Grimis granules fall off the face of the sky, the atmosphere still feels like night. 05.00 hours shows I rushed to kneel on prayer mats and held out a hand. Begged and asked God to waged today, because today I'm going to my new school setting foot on. Tunas Bangsa School heck, favorite high school when I saw a short needle at number 7 is headed my form ribbon tie shoelaces according dengn tape my name.

However, today's weather was not in favor overcast skies blanketing advance. wind which swept touch my skin still feels chilly bones. The sun was still reluctant to reveal himself abut dank dew still dancing in the air. I went to school with my father delivered. I was sitting in the company of nina x5. City boy next door whose style is very feminine. When night comes I open diary and wrote a new cast for the new story we meet at this place, maybe we laugh and sad at this place and we are likely to end the story at this point nevertheless.

Time goes by I do not suspect many many stories etched sour, sweet and bitter in this class. Behind the classroom doors etched many memorable stories that may be easier and probably hard to forget. Love is a mutual love for someone. Which may be currently perceived by many friends. And maybe I'm alone now felt a romance. Love love the location where the sense of love grows when shared in one place. Many locations are now engulfing love my class. There are many pairs that mersakan love this location. More or less there are 5 pairs but only 2 were invented to date.

Juno and carisa were the first couple that felt love this location. Justin is the sweetest guy in my class. i know I'm a lot of fun and a son who naksir.dia ok, humorous to many who care him. I have a friend, my best friend named nina. Nina often confide in me about justin. And I confide with Nina about the gala neighboring class guy selonongan but cool style.

The second pair is cherry and jose love each other they love each other even they are not as beautiful, but the story that broke roses. Chery already has a lover until finally leaving jose cherry and continuing relationship with his longtime love.

Couple that to the three sample locations are Ahmad love and a very strong partner Mega diagama them.

The fourth pair is Love and Karel. Karel fell in love with love since the first sight. But love is unrequited love karel already has a lover. However karel will faithfully wait until love love love karel receive.

And pasangnan to five is my best friend nina and justin. Once justin was amazed with his son nina nina as quiet and smart. But the admiration was not long survive justin playboy type of guy. While nina started like justin, justin because justin walked away enamored with the beauty of the daughter of Paradise High School student council president. Until finally decided to forget about justin nina. Justin attitude changed 180. Dai has become arrogant and tantrums to many who hate him. Me and nina justin with name calling chameleon (chameleon easily discolored because where it is located) while justin fickle attitude and easy to like the same girl-girl. They are a couple who had tasted the love the location, after deciding to forgo justin nina nina met with Yudha, deputy chairman of the student council in high school Tunas Bangsa. They had broken off a relationship but Yudha love with nina because Yudha pursue her past love. Pain that is felt despondent nina so pronounced in the liver. I can feel what is now perceived friend. I can not bear to see my best friend.

One day my cousin came home very at nina being in my house. I called junio sister, kak junio fall in love at first sight. I finally introduced my sister with nina and they exchange numbers hp. After a long time they met, they were invented right on the 28th of February at 24.00 and just birthday nina. Nina love story and I to this day still runs like a beautiful red rose chapped and hopefully end up with happiness and sweet smile. But the story is not as beautiful friendship in the morning sun, not as sweet as honey from beehives, not cheerful butterfly sucking nectar from flowers, and not as smooth as my friendship with nina.

In addition I have a friend named nina gorgeous and laura. Tenuous relationship tub rail that expands in hot weather. She was angry with me and pretty, just as a bit of a misunderstanding which may have different meanings. Laura is famous for his properties were bitchy and selfish. I am beautiful and could not do anything because we did not know how the curved lines of reasoning. He was eaten by his own selfishness. I and one class laura laura always cursed in front of my friends and he is different caste. He arrogantly exalted himself and dropped me. He always wants above the clouds, and she wanted me to always look under the ground with a smile vile. Laura clever fakes and strive friends tongue in front of the class until I was ostracized. But I could only breast stroke, always sighed when he chided makiku. And always there is the word patience in the liver and fikiranku. Laura is a rich kid but very selfish and arrogant always treasure his parents proud, but he's poor feelings. I am a simple person and do not have abundant wealth, but I always try to never degrade another person. My life is simple but I do not want a poor feeling I tried rich feeling. Because God does not like people like laura. My mother always told me "do not be arrogant toward humans because God does not like the arrogant servant" after a few months never spoken and he was satisfied scolded virtual world. He apologized to pretty. And not to me but what virtually like Bondan Prakoso and Fade 2 Black "yes please".

What might say, I never considered him an enemy at all, but he always thinks tub enemy invaders who must be destroyed. After I lost a friend came to my new best friend named Mita. Maybe adage that says "died a thousand grow" still apply to me. I was sitting in class x5 Tunas Bangsa School, in this class I have friends who are unique, my friends in the class x5, like a fruit salad has a variety of properties.

In class I, including children who do not talk much. I'd rather write than the words. In class I do not like interacting famous nerd who can make me laugh even just nina.

One day my dreamy dreamy silence someone who gave me the seeds of love, I felt a lump on self gala. he changed the melting ice tubs that originally shaped shapeless but over time even disappear. Changes in my life he was greatly impact the body like no bone support, but I do not want to look weak in front of him. Maybe this ordeal in my life, I find the best way out of this ordeal and always said to myself and fikiranku patient. But how long this ordeal will menghadangku. Dai was not my first girlfriend but she was my first love. Until I was so heavy tuk release him from the arms of my love. Although he's always hurt, but this heart can not lie if I so love her. After a few days he changed the attitude I understood that he was being hailed by the problem. But he is very closed and her son she did not want to share the story with me at all. I was thinking if she finds love more than me? I always think positive but I try not to think negative about him at all. I want to tie my long love with him. Two sentences for the gala Yudha beloved "I Love U gala and faithful to you"

On the right night of the week at 19:00 pm he took me to the park that she always visit. he said, "how's your diary?" i replied "my diary?" she replied with a sweet smile etched on his lips "yes:> every day I always fill it with black ink scratches broke I said. Waw I want to ask you permission, should not? Tanya gala "permit what? 'I replied. He gave me a red rose, and when it started to drizzle from the face of the sky at the time he was due to "I'm broke" my heart was even menitihkan poignant tears. It broke my heart like a doused fields volcanic larva. Exposed cuts stinging like salt so the pain. He explains why he left. I can not hear him stronger. When I ran a heavy rain began to leave him and that he gave the roses I brought only pain my heart and her voice still terniang former.

I wrote that night in my diary book on a central courtyard and scratched my flame red ink symbolizes anger. The next day I went to school with my father delivered, upon arrival at school I did not direct me to the cafeteria to the classroom to meet the 3 best friend nina, mita and beautiful. I tell him all the time gala event said the words separated. I wound it back at heart felt moment teng, teng, teng, the bell rang I was dank e 3 friend to class. When I arrived at the class why there dazed gala in my seat. Jose gala close friend said to me "you know why? do not be surprised! Gala moved classes in our class. "

When I wanted to leave the class teacher Indonesiaku bu wina come, until finally I could not help having to sit next to the gala. Sad, hurt, angry and so one. During hours of lessons I just lowered his head and wrote the word "HE HATE"! I was never the slightest glance at what else he talked to her. I did not pu word said to him, and he could only keep quiet and pay attention to the lesson bu wina.

At nightfall I was sitting in front of the house with less accompanied by guitar, moon, stars, and a warm cup of mocha. I learned my guitar to sing a worried song wave swept evening breeze touching my skin soft. As evening approached my quiet start strumming a guitar and singing the song "love story" that was created, sung by the late Crysye and had sung back by peterpan "eve that is as quiet as I own nothing that accompany. I have finally realized diatelah go leave me. Would not it happen all the love story as it used to. Only you are my love and my memories in my heart. Never lose. Shadow you for forever. Why is this happening to me I can not believe you are gone, should I go leave the world so that I can meet with you. That lyric. 21:00 o'clock cup of mocha is up and the air gets cold biting winds gusting up and shut my door. I put my guitar in the middle of washing the feet, hands and face to sleep. When I would close my eyes I thought my cell phone was vibrating gala send him a short message saying goodnight and my congratulations tidur.dan reply with the words "same" my phone off at 00.00 pm. I woke up I thought if I wrote a diary about Keith today after writing my diary I fell asleep again.

It's been 2 weeks I have not spoken to the gala, but the story of my friendship with laura has now melted. She apologized to me I will gladly forgive him. She also had heard the story about me and gal. laura in class now so close they even now sitting one bench. I was thinking "what might they dating?" but I'm trying to eliminate negative thoughts that maybe they were just friends. And if they are dating does not hurt I had broken up with a gala. Laura while also breaking up with her junior high friends vino, anyways laura more than me, she is beautiful, and the children of the rich do not like I'm a simple girl.

When teaching students the art of music Tunas Bangsa x5 no assessment galadan laura singing featuring the guitar and singing brought last owned child featgisel entitled "breath this whole" I sing songs of nadia fatira entitled "I'II be allright" with excerpts slow guitar and rules. I dedicate this song to the gala that my former love. When I was reciting the lyrics to "remember all I'IIr first step you come to me. Everything that you said to me. Your still perfect even you do not say you're sorry "my eyes closed and remembered the pain that I taste. Laura and my friends are always giving words of motivation that I feel this all the more tough to face.

Dated 28 February 2011 right birthday to him that all 15 classmates gave her a very happy birthday except me. I just sat on the bench in silence and habit of daydreaming, writing words on paper. Revelation came and sat right in front of my desk he menasehatikku "You what?" I know you must be sick to feel your heart injury that scratched gala. But at least you're not allowed to show you kejutekan properties. You know kana pa is not she like about you? Jose said yes I know but the look in his eyes made me sick, I replied. ye ye hold the gala show and other friends if you was a strong woman, Come jose said.

In the evening, I send a short message to the gala I wish him happy birthday and he replied with the word terimakasi, you are the last person to say happy birthday. The next morning I felt dizzy. I only slept one hour. Not strong enough to stand up. when the gala stood before me I was unconscious. When I opened my eyes I see around me a lot of my best friend and my feet were standing right gala and gala fence when I look, I see who is watching gala laura. I do not know I feel a burning jealous laura anywhere near gala. When I returned to class nina tell when I was unconscious turns that took me to the infirmary is a gal. nina word "gala actually still care about you" I do not answer saying nina I still feel dizzy. And I was only silence. Gala threw a small paper and on my eyes. My eyes are very poignant, gala approached me "I'm sorry I did not intentionally" said gala "yes papa" I replied. Here I blow your eyes so that was not too painful. Gala said he immediately blew my eyes. All my friends in my class cheered and gala. Even jose said "there seems to be invented ya" I immediately looked at laura. She just smiled at me when I would talk suddenly bite my lip and was bleeding. Gala wipe and clean the blood from my lips. Jose picked up the guitar and all of my friends singing a song from the monkey Junas entitled "invented"

The next night when I wrote diary tells what happened that day, happy but somehow I think my heart with laura bad for what happened this afternoon. When morning comes, the sun shown bright smile, and the melodious sound of birds singing beautiful ears make me the spirit to set foot in the school. Upon arriving at my school gala saw the bag lying right next to my desk. I wrote a letter dank u insert in the gala.surat bag containing about my intention to forget the gala. I'm getting close to him I was getting hurt.

When the school gala reading my letter as I would pull my hand out of the classroom gala she asked why and what the purpose of the letter. I replied with a subtle tone. I forget the gala for the good of both of us is sick, but I had to do this I would not expect with him. My life is still a long road, a lot I have to accomplish.

When the semester break I came home on vacation to my adoptive father. There's a lot of my brother. yes maybe by gathering my brothers, I could momentarily forget my problems and consoling Yag being despondent. I would cover my ears when I hear the song that tells Slow "turmoil" because I do not want my day off this time disturbed slow music that might make me cry and remember the figure gala. Who ever touched my life.

Tonight is New Year 2012 in the village there is a bit of my adoptive father was a festive occasion. This New Year's Eve, just celebrated with big family meals on the beach. By chance my father's house near the beach. I was bored with this atmosphere, I take guitar dank u dial peers brothers to sing along and try to create an atmosphere of happy without sadness .....

Name: Puspita Ayuningtyas
Class: X5


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