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Dongeng Bahasa Inggris Terpendek - Sebenarnya sudah banyak kisah-kisah dongeng yang bisa kita gunakan untuk bahan bacaan baik itu untuk hiburan maupun untuk bahan belajar. Meski begitu masih ada satu yang ketinggalan yaitu dongeng terpendek. Sudah ada beberapa dongeng yang sangat singkat namun mungkin beberapa dongeng tersebut belum cukup untuk berbagai bahan yang kita butuhkan. Karena seperti kita ketahui cerita dongeng seperti ini bisa kita gunakan untuk banyak tujuan bukan hanya untuk hiburan namun bisa juga sebagai sarana pembelajaran.

Yang akan kita sertakan kali ini bukan dongeng dalam bahasa kita sehari-hari namun merupakan dongeng bahasa Inggris. Dongeng-dongeng ini di pilih yang paling singkat dan yang paling menarik dan tentunya mudah untuk dipahami jalan ceritanya. Butuh berapa banyak dongeng, dalam satu kesempatan mungkin 3 dongeng tersingkat sudah cukup untuk kita gunakan sementara waktu. Apabila tiga judul belum memadai maka kita tetap bisa mencari beberapa dongeng lain sesuai kebutuhan.

Tiga dongeng pilihan ini di pilih berdasarkan beberapa kriteria, pertama di pilih dari panjang ceritanya, kedua dipilih dari unsur alur ceritanya dan ketiga di pilih berdasarkan nilai pesan yang terkandung dalam kisah tersebut. Dengan begitu diharapkan dongeng yang akan kita baca berikut bisa digunakan untuk berbagai keperluan misalnya:

1. Untuk dongeng anak kecil
2. Untuk belajar bahasa Inggris anak
3. Untuk belajar analisa cerita
4. Untuk belajar memahami pesan dalam sebuah dongeng

Diharapkan semua dongeng berikut bisa bermanfaat baik dari unsur bahasa maupun dari unsur pesan yang ada. Sekarang mari kita baca langsung ketiga kisah dongeng tersebut di bawah ini.

How Hans the Giant Became a Woodsman
Cerita Inggris Indonesia

Hans the giant decided to work as a woodcutter. On his first day, however, he was not even interested in trying to make a good impression. In the morning, when his colleagues came to wake him to start working in the woods, he just stayed in bed. 

When he finally did decide to get up, the first thing he did was to make chick-pea soup, and then he ate the entire potful. Chick-peas were the secret source of his enormous strength! Then off he went into the woods, pulled up the two biggest trees he could find, and loaded them onto his cart.

On the way back, Hans found the path blocked by a barrier of fallen trees. But it only took a moment forhim to decide what to do: he simply lifted his cart, the two trees, and the horse, high above his head, and setthem down on the other side.

The owner of the woodyard was delighted to see Hans back before anybody else, with two huge trees. Hans, however, did not spend any time chatting. He went back to bed.

When the rest of the woodsmen arrived back, they went at once to complain to the owner. “'Hans is still in bed!” they said, “True,” said the owner, “but while he's there he still manages to get a little work done.” And he pointed to the two enormous tree trunks in the woodyard.


Sengaja di pilihkan dongeng yang terpendek terlebih dahulu agar jika kita hanya membutuhkan satu judul saja maka kita bisa lebih efektif dalam menggunakan waktu berselancar di internet. Jika dirasa masih kurang maka kita bisa melihat juga dua judul lagi cerita dongeng di bawah ini. Semoga dua judul ini juga bisa kita gunakan sesuai dengan kebutuhan kita.

The Magic Jar 1
Cerita Inggris Indonesia

Once there was a girl called San-San who lived with her father, her step-mother and her step-sister, Mei. San-San's father loved her, but Mei and the step-mother did not. They of­ten told her she was a lazy girl, and made her work very hard. From early morning until late at night San-san helped with the cooking, the cleaning and the washing.

One night San-San’s step-mother became very angry. “The rice is burned,” she shouted. “And the pork is too salty.”

Sari-Sari bowed tier head and said nothing.
“Leave her alone,” said the father. “I think the food is nicely cooked.”

Sari-San's step-mother said nothing, but she went to the kitchenand made some special tea. "The next Morning, San-San was working when her step-mother brought her the tea. “Drink this, my dear,” she said. “It will make you feel cool.”

San-San drank the tea, and before long she began to feel very sleepy. She went to her room where she soon fell fast asleep. When she woke up, it was already dark. Going into the kitchen, she found her father.

“I've saved you some dinner,” he said. Then he looked up from the table and cried, “San-San! What has happened to your hair?”

San-San, ran to the mirror and saw that all tier hair had fallen out; her head was as smooth as an egg. San-San began to cry. She rushed out of the house and into the woods where she finally sat down beneath a large tree and cried herself to sleep. 
While she was sleeping, San-San had a dream. She dream that a beautiful goddes stood before tier, holding a jar. 

“Take this jar of oil,” said the goddess. “Rub the oil on your head, and soon everything will be all right.”
When San-San woke up, she found a jar of oil by her side. She opened the jar and found that it was full of golden oil. San-Sancarefully rubbed the oil all over her head, and soon she could fell the hair growing back. Before long San-San had all her beautiful hair again, so she walked on through the woods.

Now, in these woods lived a kindly widow, the widow Ang. When San-San came to her house and told her what had hap­pened, the widow Ang said she could stay as long as she wanted. And so, San-san lived in the house of the widow Ang and was very happy there.

But San-San's father was not very happy. He did not know where his daughter had gone, and his wife shouted at him all day long. One day, he had a talk with his friend, the rice-mer­chant.
“Why don't we ask my son to find her,” said the rice-mer­chant. “He's clever boy, and he has plenty of free time. Beside, he's always liked your daughter.”

San-San's father liked this idea because he knew that the rice- merchant's son was a good young man. The next day the rice-merchant's son and his friend went out to look for San-San.

Together, the two young men looked all over the village. Then they looked in other villages nearby. One night, when they were staying in a strange village, thieves came to the house. The rice-merchant's son tried to fight the thieves, and he was badly hurt. The following morning he could not get out of bed, and so he asked his friend to look for San-Sari on his own.

Luckily, some people in the next village knew the widow Ang, and they knew that a girl was staying with her. They told the young man that a girl was staying with her. They told the young man to go to the house in the forest. When he found the house, he saw San-San standing near a window.

“San-San!” he cried. “I've found you at last. Your father is worried, and my friend, the rice-merchant's son, has been hurt looking for you.”
“Then I must go with you,” said San-San. Then she said to the widow, “I'll never forget your kindness.”
"That's all right.” said the widow Ang. “Run along now - your father and his young man need you.”

San-San and the young man ran through the forest to the village where the rice - merchant's son was lying. When he saw San-San, the rice-merchant's son thought she was very beauti­ful, and he soon fell in love with her. As soon as he was well enough to travel, they all went back to their own village.

San-San's father was very happy to see her. He asked her to come home, but San-San said she had other plans. Some­time later, San-San and the rice-merchant's son were married. Theysent many presents to the widow Ang, and after that had a long and happy life together.


The Magic Jar 2
Cerita Inggris Indonesia

Many years ago, on the east coast of Malaysia, there was a poor fisherman who had a wife and large family to support. One day, while he was fishing, his net felt very heavy. He thought he had caught a large fish. But when he pulled his net out of the water, he saw there was a jar in it. Thejar was tightly closed with a lid, on which were written the words "The Holy Prophet Sulaiman". The fisherman was very pleased.

"Wonderfull" he said to himself. "I'm sure the jar must be very valuable. And it's so heavy there must be something in­side." He quickly removed the lid. Nothing came out except a cloud of thick black smoke. He could hardly see. "How can so much smoke come out of such a small jar?" he asked himself.

Suddenly, there was a loud bang and the smoke whirled round and round and changed into a jinn, or spirit.
The fisherman was frightened. His whole body started to shake. Who are you, sir?" he asked.
"I have been sent to see you by the Holy Prophet Sulaeman."
"But, sir, Allah's Holy Prophet Allah Sulaiman died more than a thousand years ago," answered the fisherman. "How long have you been shut up in a jar?"

"I disobeyed the Holy Prophet Sulaiman. He shut me up in the jar and threw me into the sea. I've been a prisoner inside the jar for a thousand years. I promised myself that if anyone saved me before one hundred years had passed I would give him4 as much money as he wanted. Butif anyone saved me af­ter that time, I would kill him."

"O great jinn, please forgive me. I have not done you any harm. I only wanted to help you."
"I don't care about that," shouted the jinn angrily. "How would you like to die?"

"I am under Allah's protection," thought the fisherman. "He will not allow any harm to come to me." He said to the jinn, "In the name of the Holy Prophet Sulaiman whose name is written on the jar, may I ask you one question before I die?"

On hearing the name of the Holy Prophet Sulaiman, the jinn became frightened. "All right. But be quick and make your question short."

"I don't believe, sir, that such a big person as yourself could come out of such a small jar. Even my hand is too big to put inside the jar."
"What are you talking about! " the jinn answered. "Don't you believe what I told you?"

The jinn shook his body and changed into a cloud of smoke. He sank into the jar. In a flash, the fisherman closed the lid. "Now I can ask you how you would like to die," he said to the jinn.
"Help! Help!" the jinn's voice sounded very faint. "Let me out. I'll give you anything you want. I swear that I won't harm you if you'll let me out."

Although the fisherman was still afraid, he opened the jar and released the jinn. The jinn kept his promise. He took the fisherman to a lake which was full of fish of all colours of the rainbow. The fisher­man did not have to use his net to catch them. They jumped into his boat. He caught as many as he wanted and sold them in the market for a very high price. He never had to worry again about being poor.


Demikianlah tadi beberapa Dongeng Bahasa Inggris Terpendek yang bisa kita baca dan kita jadikan pelajaran. Silahkan cek dan lihat juga beberapa dongeng lain yang tak kalah singkat dan menarik yang ada di bagian bawah tulisan ini. Jangan lupa untuk mencatat alamat situs ini agar bisa mencari berbagai dongeng lain yang banyak.

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