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Naskah Drama Friendship and Women untuk 7 Pemain

Yang sudah dari tadi tidak sabar ingin mengetahui naskah drama untuk cerita ini silahkan langsung saja disimak naskah yang sudah disiapkan berikut.

Friendship and Women 

  1. Sule prikitiw
  2. Ajiz Stuttering
  3. Nunung
  4. Parto
  5. Vincen
  6. Andre
  7. Desta

One day boarding area " F " F3 sounding room conversation diselai chanda laughter .
Andre : eh ... now do not know what date ?
Desta : what loe wonder there are indeed important date tah .. ?
Andre : he da ... 3X not OK that 's just ' goe diddly dah nie pocket money almost vanished .
Nyahut Ajiz Stuttering ...

Ajiz Stuttering : april 21 yo now ... so do not be so wasteful that person , keep that already gini you definitely want to borrow money again yeah I ma ...

Andre : He ... he .. really know ..
Parto : yah .. how do not want to know , it's been so teradisi wong you if kirimanya
Dullah to borrow runs out ..

Andre : Well it was fine cave replace it if you've EVER submissions , anyways it money Dullah jajannya much .

Then Desta who was sleeping woke followup reply ...

Desta : Well if that's his Dullah onions so relaxed skipper wrote it dull .. just ask my father wrote ma lo tuh .

Ajiz Stuttering : Well thanks chatter ...
And a few days later at school ... Bruk ..... ( Sule prikitiw accidentally hit a girl who it turns out is a girl Nunung )
Nunung : eh you that if road clays napa does not have eyes .. yah ..

And the Sule prikitiw Nunung again just stunned look angry on her ...

Nunung : hey sis ... how come there are so dumbfounded sih.mang cute y ...
Sule prikitiw : O oo , yeah sorry I did not intentionally , because I was in a hurry going to the toilet .
Yah yah .. sorry sorry ....

Nunung : street so clays that do not daydream continues entar napa kesambet devil lo .. kak . I 'm sorry it's gone ..

Sule prikitiw : eh BTW where the heck you were kid ... I'm really just now to see you at school ? Nunung : oh ... I'm new here kak SMANSA moved from Jombang .

Sule prikitiw : oh yeah you're the new kid here kenalin I prikitiw child Sule XII language , you enter which class ?

Nunung : oh .. I walked in the class X ips.kak sorry yah abiz was angry brother anyway pke event - crashing crashing segala.sorry yah kak

Sule prikitiw : Well not papa.oh yes you name anyone ?
Nunung : my name kak Nunung

Sule prikitiw : pretty name together with its pretty well ...
Nunung : yeah .. if you make GR for the clever sister .. aja dah kak need not be excessive .
Sule prikitiw : if weve how beautiful reality ?
Nunung : ouch ... why so long gombalnya kak pretty well because Nunung want to go class not comfortable judging other children .
Sule prikitiw : yes already well .. GOOD LUCK ...

Nunung : Assalamualaikum
Sule prikitiw : Walaikumsalam

And they go into each class until the bell rings signifying return KBM has been completed ..

Sule prikitiw : ( smiling to himself in his room )
Sule prikitiw : in the heart prikitiw Sule said " if I could have a boyfriend like Nunung how beautiful this world " Behind all this there are two pairs of eyes peering ..

Vincen : uh ... why des Sule prikitiw well from the day before yesterday - he rarely ate and only sediri smile and daydream ?

Parto : maybe he's possessed by a jinn kali'atau learn ekting theater ?
Vincen : hah today still believe in such things , baseball was probably him again fall in love time ' . Cook the theater can still fall in love ?

Parto : wong theater is also a human right . Let not curiosity we ask yuk ...
Vincen : Duars ... let alone why it really daydream while the outskirts of Senyun - smile ?
Sule prikitiw : ah .. are you surprised - kagetin I wrote . Nothing 's nothing ..
Parto : cook anyway ..
Sule prikitiw : yes we do not have anything .

Vincen : but why are you smiling alone ? Again tumbling love yah .....
Sule prikitiw : scouring told you this when smart people ... kalu yes indeed why come ? ?
Parto : Well it was fine , but the king 's theater school we fall in love with anyone yah dod ? ? Vincen : same who yah ...
Sule prikitiw : eh .. interview anyway so ya ..
Parto : Sule prikitiw ma .. why the hell our stories , perhaps we can help you ?
Sule prikitiw : gosipin but I do not promise well , because I'm the most anti ma gossip especially that until the kedengngerran Virda - school gossip queen we were ...

Vincen : yah . ! ! . Enforce gosipin we promise you at school , mang girl you love it's who is ..

Sule prikitiw : he was the new kid 's school we know .. The Nunung it ...
Parto : oh .. nak transfer it ..
Sule prikitiw : Well yes, but I want ngungkapin shame that this feeling ?

Vincen : shame .. heck child cooking theater that has become the national champion shame . Mang You can also yah tu shame .. ( Vincen and Parto laughs )

Sule prikitiw : Well it was easy pren stage but otherwise this was a heart to heart problems for me it feels very heavy . Berraattt really .....

Parto : it's gone I pray for aja yah .. good luck
And diketika night , there were 7 children in the room , there is another theme pr copy and paste task , there is also a longer read comics .. .
Vincen : hey friends know not all the neh no new news
Ajiz Stuttering : What new news

Parto : si - king theater school we again fell in love tuh ..
Desta : wah tuh whom ama ...
Vincen : hear-hear anyway ......... ama new child
Ajiz Stuttering : the new kid who?
Parto : Nunung it you know ...
Ajiz Stuttering : What ! ! ! Nunung ? ? ( Stuttering Ajiz face turned angry )
Ajiz Stuttering : eh .. i do not know you that well thanks .. I udaah well - baikin be friends eh even want to take some people I like ....

Sule prikitiw : indeed you know why he's so furious ass so
Ajiz Stuttering : indeed I am not who - siapanya him but I ama first P_D_K_T tuh son ... you wrote this delicious ..

Sule prikitiw : What keeps you going ? ? Want carok tahh ...
( with high tone while pointing Ajiz face Stuttering ) Needless to say the Ajiz Stuttering - cheek Sule prikitiw overpowered and vice versa but that fight can be stopped by his friends separated .
Desta : 's why you know so a fight anyway ... because of you women so dark eyes . It's crazy what a lot of women ... so do not fool with these guys already quarreled class XII should be able to learn adult . Yes I have come to terms . And forget her, now you must remember is to learn and learn ... that you will pass the exam .

Sule prikitiw and Ajiz Stuttering eventually reconciled and are friends again .

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