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Cerita Inggris Indonesia: The King of the Forest - Many years ago, so long ago that no one knows exactly when a lion lived in a cave in the forest. He was very strong and fierce, with pointed claws and teeth as sharp as knives. All the animal living in the forest were afraid of him.

He was lazy and did nothing every day except eat and sleep. Mr. Peacock swept the floor of his cave with his long tail, so that he could have a clean bed to sleep on. While he slept, Mr. Mouse stroked and massaged his body. When he opened his mouth to yamn, Mr. Mouse would jump in to clean and polish his teeth.

Mr. Porcupine was the lion’s chief assistant. He was a brave and hard worker. He never tired of obeying the lion’s orders.

“I’m feeling hungry.” The lion told him one day. “Go and catch a goat for me.”

Mr. Porcupine went and asked Mr. tiger to help him. Mr. Tiger stretched himself. “Ah well,” he said. “If the King of the forest wants a goat for dinner, I’ll have to catch one for him.” He caught a goat and carried it back to the lion’s cave. “Thank’s, Mr. Tiger,” said the lion. “I’m very grateful to you for such a tasty meal.”

As soon as all the other animals in the forest heard that Mr. tiger was hunting food for the lion. They hid themselves in the forest..

After a day or so, the lion felt hungry again. “Tell Mr. tiger to catch a deer for me,” he ordered Mr. Porcupine. Mr. Porcupine did as he was told. However, although Mr. tiger searched everywhere, he was unable to find a single animal.

Finally, he had to tell the king of the forest that he had not been successful.
“What!” roared the lion. “The forest is full of animals, who are all my subjects. Order all of them to come to my cave at once.”

Mr. tiger kept quit. He did not know what to do.
He returned to the forest to continue his search. At the end of the day. He felt tired and fell asleep.
When he awoke, he saw Mr. Mousedeer passing by.

“Where are all the other animals?” he asked.
“They’re hiding in the forest,” replied Mr. Mousedeer.
“Can you show me where they are?”
“Why do you want to know?”
“The king of the forest’s hungry,” replied Mr. Tiger
“All right,” said Mr. Mousedeer. “come with me.”

He took Mr. tiger with him to meet the other animals.
None of them wanted to go and see the lion. In the end, they decided to draw lots to see who should go.

Mr. Mousedeer was the unlucky one who was chosen. All his friends felt sorry for him because they knew what would happen to him.
Mr. Mousedeer followed Mr. Tiger back to the lion’s cave.

“Who have you brought?” roared the lion. Who was very hungry by this time.
“It’s Mr. Mousedeer, Your majesty.” Answered Mr. Tiger.
“There’s not much flesh on him,” said the lion.
“Your Majesty, he was the best I could find.”
“O King of the forest,” said Mr. Mousedeer. “I’ve brought a message for you from your brother.”

“From my brother?” asked the lion. “I don’t have a brother,”
“But he told me to tell you that he has forbidden all the other animals to come and see you,”

The lion shouted in anger, “Ho, ho, ho! We shall see about that. Take me to see him straight away.”
Mr. Mousedeer led him into the forest. He pointed into a deep hole which had been dug in the ground by a hunter. The lion jumped into it but was unable to climb out. All the animals came running out of the foreest and dance happily round the hole.

The King of the Forest
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“Thank you very much Mr. Mousedeer,” they cried. “you’ve saved our lives. Now, we shan’t have to worry about the King of the Forest any more, and we can live happily ever after.”

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