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Terus terang memang sedikit membingungkan mengelompokkan cerita bahasa Inggris singkat berikut ini. Mau dikelompokkan berdasarkan isi ceritanya tidak sama, ya sudah dikelompokkan berdasarkan dari judulnya saja yaitu ada kata "old" yang artinya tua dan kebetulan kisahnya tentang orang tua.

Cerita tentang orang tua disini maksudnya sebuah kisah tentang orang yang sudah tua ya, bukan orang tua ayah dan ibu anda. Jadi, disini 3 cerita tentang orang yang sudah tua, ada yang wanita tua dan ada juga cerita tentang seorang laki-laki tua. Seru deh pokoknya, anda bisa membaca sendiri ceritanya dan pasti tidak akan bosan. Tiga cerita berikut benar-benar singkat tetapi penuh dengan pesan moral yang baik untuk di renungkan. Mau baca?

Agar tak penasaran, dikasih tahu terlebih dahulu bocoran judul untuk ketiga kisah yang akan anda baca. Dengan membaca judulnya mungkin anda akan tertarik membacanya. Tiga Cerita Singkat Orang Tua dalam Bahasa Inggris tersebut yaitu sebagai berikut:

1. The Rich Old Lady (Wanita Tua Kaya)
2. The Old Man and the Hare (Lelaki Tua dan Kelinci)
3. The Old Man who could Move Mountain (Lelaki Tua Yang Bisa Memindahkan Gunung)
4. The Old Man and the Tiger (Orang Tua dan Harimau)
5. The Old Grandfather and his Grandson

Bagaimana, tertarik untuk membacanya? Ya, kalau anda suka dengan cerita moral ini maka anda bisa membacanya langsung ketiga-tiganya. Jika tidak anda bisa mencari beberapa cerita lain yang tinggal anda pilih sendiri.

Untuk yang mencari cerita dengan terjemahannya, anda bisa mendapatkan versi bahasa Indonesia dari cerita tersebut dengan menggunakan terjemahan google. Sudah ya, supaya tidak terlalu lama silahkan baca langsung cerita singkat berikut!

The Rich Old Lady
(Wanita Tua Kaya)

There was once a very rich old lady whose husband had died and whose children had married and gone to live in foreign countries. She was too old to live alone so she moved to an expensive hotel near the sea.

This lady had a pair of nasty, ugly dogs which used to growl and bark at everybody. She loved them very much although nobody did. They lived in the hotel with her and went whenever she did. 

One day there was a new waiter come to work in that hotel. He helped the old lady to carry her blankets and her pillows. He helped her to get in or get out from the car. And even he pretended that he loved the lady’s dogs very much. He offered to look after them in his free time. He fed them, cleaned them and took them for a walk.

The young waiter was sure that when the rich old lady died she would leave him a lot of money to pay him everything that he had done for her, but when she died a few years later he discovered that the lady left him only two things, the things which she loved most in the world and which she thought that the young waiter loved too-her dogs.

The Old Grandfather and his Grandson

Once upon a time, there was a very old grandfather. His eyes were almost blind, his ears were deaf and his knees shock. When he sat at the table, he could not hold the spoon strongly, he spilled soup on the tablecloth. Besides, some of his soup would run back out of his mouth.

His son and his son’s wife were annoyed. Finally, they made the old grandfather sat in the corner behind the stove. They gave him not enough food in a clay bowl. He sat there and looked at them sadly. He was almost crying.

One day, the old grandfather could not hold the bowl because his hands were too weak. The bowl fell to the ground and broke. The woman scolded him. However, the old grandfather did not say anything. He could only cry. Then, they bought hi a wooden bowl and made him eat from it.

Once the husband and wife were sitting in the dining room, their four-years-old son put together some pieces of wood on the flour. His father asked him what he was doing. The little child said that he was making a bowl for his father and mother to eat from when he became an adult.

The man and the woman looked at each other. They began to cry. They brought the old grandfather to the table immediately. Since then, they always let him eat there. If he spilled a little, they did not say anything. (Adapted from “Scanffolding Englidh for Grade VIII Junior High School (SMP/MTs))

The Old Man and the Tiger

(Story from Chinese)
Many years ago a fierce tiger lived on a mountain in north China. It chased any man, woman or child who passed by. The local magistrate offered a reward to anyone who could kill it. Many tried but lost their lives. At last, the magistrate sent for a famous tiger hunter living in a nearby village.

When the hunter arrived, everyone came out to have a good look at him. They were disappointed to find that he was a small, old man with a bent back. There was a boy of about twelve or thirteen with him. “Where is the tiger?” the old man asked. No one answered. “let’s go and catch the big cat in the mountain before doing anything else,” the old man said. Again no one replied. He knew that no one wanted to help him so he waited until the next morning. He then told the magistrate what had happened. The magistrate ordered ten young men to take the old man and his boy to the mountain. When they reached the bottom of the mountain, they were afraid to go any further. “Come on!” cried the old man “Don’t be afraid! I will show you how to kill the tiger.”

Just before they reached the tiger’s cave, the old man told them to stop. “Dig a deep hole in front of me,” he ordered. “Cover it with leaves.” When they had done this he said, “I shall now tell the boy to roar like a tiger. When the tiger comes out of his cave, you must all hide behind the nearest rock. I shall face the tiger alone.”

He then ordered the boy to roar like a tiger. The tiger come leaping out of his cave. It ran towards the old man who stood waiting for it with a long spear in his hand. Just before it reached him. It fell into the deep hole which had been dug in the ground. The old man leant over the hole and stabbed the tiger with his spear many times.

“It is dead!” he cried. “It will never cause you any more trouble.”

The villagers living in that place praised the old man for his bravery and skill. They asked him to become their leader.

The Old Man and the Hare
(Lelaki Tua dan Kelinci)

Once there lived an old woodcutter who went every day to the forest to cut trees. One day, after he had cut a lot of wood, he felt hungry. “Oh, I’m tired and hungry,” he said as he sat down on a tree stump and opened his lunch box.

As he was taking his first bite, he saw a hare sitting on the grass in front of him. The hare just sat and stared at him. “Oh, do you also want something to eat?” asked the old man. He threw the bread which he held in his hand to the hare.

At once, the hare rolled the bread into a hole and quickly jumped after it. After a while the old man heard a lovely voice singing in the hole, “A piece of bread, kororin, suttonton.”

When the song ended. The woodcutter threw another piece of bread into the hole. Then he heard the singing again. He liked it do much that he threw more bread into the hole until all of his lunch had gone.

The next day, when the old man unpacked his lunch box, he wondered what would happen when he threw some bread into the hole. Again he heard the same song. He was so pleased that he kept throwing small pieces of food into the hole until his lunch was all gone.

On the third day he thought, “I wonder what will happen today?” he threw a piece of his lunch into the hole and he heard the same song. He went on throwing small pieces of food into the hole until nothing was left. All he had was empty box so he threw that in too.

“A box, kororon, suttonton.” Sang the voice from the hole. The old man was now so curious that he went to the hole and peeped into it. But he slipped and fell into the hole! This time the voice sang. “Old man, kororin, suttonton.”

The woodcutter opened his eyes and looked around him. He was in a large hall. There were a lot of hares standing around a mortar making rice cakes. As they worked they all sang.

When they saw the old man. They stopped and stood in front of him. The biggest hare came out to greet him.

“Grandfather, we thank you for the many delicious pieces of bread which you have given us. Today we are making rice cakes for New Year. Please stay and keep us company.”

“A piece of bread, kororn, Suttonton!” they all sang and went on making the rice cakes.
Then they gave the old man a large plateful of rice cakes to eat. They also gave him a bag filled with-delicious cakes to take home.

This is a very old tale. But when you walk in a forest at New Year, you may see such holes. Inside, the hares are making rice cakes and you may hear the sound of “kororin. Suttonton”.
So keep your eyes and ears open. Source: Favourite stories from Japan by Lise Pordes

The Old Man who could Move Mountain
(Lelaki Tua Yang Bisa Memindahkan Gunung)

Many years ago there was an old man who lived with his family at the foot of a high mountain. He was called “Mr. Stupid”. Every time he wanted to go to town he had to climb over the mountain. One day, he said to his wife and sons, “Let us move the mountain. it is in our way.”

“How can you do that?” his wife asked. “you are an old man and you are no longer strong with the rocks and earth?”

“I may be old.” Replied Mr. stupid, “but my heart is young. We can throw the rocks and earth into the sea.”
He told his sons to start work. They brought their sons and even his neighbours and friends came to help him. They carried the rocks and earth away in baskets to the sea.

At this time, there was a scholar living in the capital who was called “Mr. Clever”. When he heard what Mr. Stupid was doing, he went to see him. “You are a fool!” he cried. “How can you move a mountain? Besides, you are old. How can you hope to finish the work before you die?”

“Once my mind is made up, nothing can stop me,” Mr. Stupid answered. “If I die, my sons will carry on the work. When they die, their sons will carry on the work. Why should I worry about not being able to finish it?”

Tiga Cerita Singkat Orang Tua dalam Bahasa Inggris

Mr. Clever did not know what to say and he left in a bad temper.
After many years of hard work, Mr. stupid and his family moved the mountain and leveled the ground.


Sementara ini hanya tiga judul saja yang bisa langsung di baca, untuk Cerita Singkat tentang Orang yang Tua lainnya akan segera dibagikan langsung jika sudah ada waktu. Pastinya anda bisa mencari-cari koleksi cerita lain yang sesuai dengan tema yang anda inginkan.

Untuk mempermudah dalam mencari cerita silahkan catat alamat website ini. Setiap hari anda bisa mendapatkan berbagai cerita baru yang akan dibagikan. Bahasa Inggris, bahasa Indonesia, terjemahan, bahasa jepang, semua cerita ada disini, gratis untuk anda baca!

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