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5 Cerita Menarik dalam Bahasa Inggris - Beberapa minggu terakhir banyak yang bercerita bahwa para pengunjung banyak yang kesusahan dalam mencari berbagai cerita menarik singkat khususnya yang berbahasa Inggris. "Untuk cerita bahasa Inggris saja mencarinya sulit, apalagi yang ada terjemahannya sekalian", ungkap seorang teman. Mendengar hal itu tentu website cerita Inggris Indonesia tidak bisa tinggal diam, akan segera disediakan!

Sebenarnya untuk teman cerita ini sudah diberikan sebelumnya yaitu sebuah artikel dengan judul "kumpulan cerita menarik", tapi mungkin beberapa rekan masih merasa kurang atau masih kesulitan dalam mencari cerita yang sesuai. Oleh sebab itu kita tambah lagi beberapa cerita lain yang bisa dipilih.

Beberapa cerita berikut merupakan cerita menarik singkat dengan tema cerita legenda atau cerita rakyat. Dipilihnya beberapa cerita tersebut selain karena ceritanya yang sederhana juga karena ceritanya mengandung pesan moral yang bagus untuk diteladani. Isi ceritanya ada yang tentang cerita pohon apel, si pemanah dan ada juga yang tentang cinta.

Sekedar untuk catatan dan mengingatkan saja, cerita ini sesuai judul merupakan cerita bahasa Inggris yang tidak dilengkapi dengan terjemahan. Bagi yang membutuhkan terjemahan atau versi Indonesia dari cerita tersebut bisa menggunakan terjemahan google. Silahkan baca ceritanya di bawah ini.

The Apple Tree and the Dandelion

It was spring and the apple tree put out its bright little flowers. They were so lovely that even the princess was muchimpressed.

She cut off some branches and arranged them in a valuable vase in a palace hallway.

The apple branch was very proud of this tribute to its beauty. Through the windows it could see the flowers in the garden and the meadow, and it pitied them greatly for their foible, especially the humble dandelion, because with one puff chil­dren could blow away their seeds, suing them naked and defenceless. 

He pitied them because their destiny was so different from his. At the same time, he was proud of his own shapeli­ness, his beauty, and his rich vase in the hall. It did not occur to him that the sun shone on the poor dandelion just as brightly as it did on him.

One day, however, the princess brought in a dandelion to paint, and put it in the same vase as the flowering apple branch. Beside the delicate beauty of the meadow flower, destined to be blown away by the wind, the white flowers of the apple grew a bit red, with shame.

The Pride of Icarus

Daedalus, one of the greatest inventors of ancient times, was asked by theking of Crete to build a maze where he could imprison the Minotaur, a monster half-man and half-bull, sothat it could never get out again. 

The ingenious architect did as he was asked, but some time later he helped Theseus, a famous hero, to kill the monster. 

As a punishment, the king of Crete ordered Daedalus to be impri­soned himself in the labyrinth, with his young son, Icarus.

“Don't worry,” the father encour­aged the boy. “I know already how we can get out of this prison!”

Daedalus made a huge pair of wings and he stuck them with wax onto his son's shoulders. The wings could be moved up and down by moving the arms. Then Daedalus made another pair of wings for himself.

The wings worked wonderfully. The two men took off, and with a few armstrokes they managed to climb high enough to get over the walls of the labyrinth, But then the young boy, out of pride, wanted to fly higher and higher, until the heat from the sun Melted the wax and his wings fell off. 

Then Icarus plunged to the ground and died. Daedalus, full of sadness, carried on flying until he reached safety.


Tentu saja, yang menarik bukan hanya beberapa kisah yang ada di atas saja, masih banyak kisah-kisah lain yang bagus untuk di baca mulai dari dongeng sampai kisah cinta romantis, semua ada. Beberapa yang ditampilkan disini hanya contoh saja agar anda bisa lebih mudah dalam mencari kisah yang di butuhkan. Tidak perlu terburu-buru, situs ini buka 24 jam jadi anda bisa leluasa mencari berbagai koleksi cerita yang bagus untuk di baca.

Jika anda ada waktu, sembari mencari cerita anda bisa juga membagikan cerita yang sudah di bawa ke beberapa media sosial yang anda miliki seperti facebook atau twitter. Dengan begitu akan lebih banyak lagi rekan lain yang bisa ikut menikmati berbagai suguhan cerita yang ada.

Ivan the Archer and the Princess

Ivan was the tsar's valiant and courageous archer. He was always entrusted with the most difficult tasks. One day, when Ivan was old, the tsar commanded him to journey to the furthest limits of the world and bring back the beautiful princess Vassilla to bethe royal bride.

Ivan had to face a thousand perils in this quest, but eventually he succeeded in stealing Vassilla away.

But the princess wanted vengeance for her kidnapping and told the tsar she would never marry him, unless her kidnapper was first put to death on a pot of boiling oil.

The ungrateful tsar ordered that Ivan be executed. Even then the brave archer showed no fear, and stepped without hesitation into The steaming pot. But Ivan's extraordinary courage brought about a supernatural reaction, and he proved invulnerable to the boiling oil. 

When he was brought out of the pot, not only was he completely unharmed, but he had become young once more and astonishingly handsome!

On seeing this miracle, the populace denounced the tyrant and threw him into the pot of oil instead of Ivan, who was acclaimed as tsar in his place. The Princess Vassilla of course, could not refuse her hand in marriage to the new and handsome tsar.

Nando and his Grandfather

A long time ago in Minahasa lived an old man with his grandson, Nando. Nando was limped. He could not walk well. His grandfather loved him very much. He never permitted Nando to go out alone. 

Nando's grandfather's job was looking for wood in the jungle. Nando really wanted to go to the forest with him but he never gave permission. But finally he let Nando to go to the forest with him.

In the forest, Nando walked slowly behind his grandfather. He was very excited. He saw some monkeys. When his grandfather looked back, he was shocked. Nando was lost. He looked for him everywhere but he couldn't find him. Sadly, the grandfather went back home.

The following day, the grandfather was back to the jungle. When he was walking, he heard a strange bird making sound "Moo poo ... Moo poo". He felt the bird said, "Opoku ... Opoku". It means "My grandpa ... My grandpa ...... The grandfather was surprised. He approached the bird. It was limped. There were tears in the bird's eyes. He knew that Nando had changed into a bird. 

Our Last Night
(Malam Terakhir Kita)

For a very first time in my life I felt so helpless. For a first time I couldn’t say anything. I was crying silently and the only thing that made my heart beat was you. And you seem so sad. Where is that charming smile of yours??

I feel your heart crying, it doesn’t want to be lonely. Two crystal clear tears run down your cheek. You turn quickly; you don’t want me to see them. At that very moment I knew you loved me. I am drifting again in my thoughts...

Time has no meaning when I am with you. I notice no one. When you hug me the stars get brighter as if they are small candles lit by our love.

You give me the most passionate nights and the tenderest kisses. When I cuddle in your arms I feel so secure and powerful. I don’t want to think about the future. No, I don’t, not at times like these when I am so happy.

I love you more and more each day. Time is not a bus or a car and it can’t be broken or stopped.

Yes, today is our last night together "Don’t cry, dearest, I want to tell you that I love you more than anything in the whole world "..! For a first time in my life I feel numb, for the first time I hate my fate!

You hugged me in your warm embrace, kissed me, turned and left. My heart was tearing in parts.
I was standing in front of the entrance, seeing the most precious person in my life leave!

For a first time I was so helpless, I wanted but couldn’t stop you.
Today I am here….How quickly life changes.

You were making love to me yesterday passionately, and today a whole ocean stands between us.
I am lying in the bed alone, and the only thoughts I have are again about you! (Sumber: Dulya)
5 Cerita Menarik dalam Bahasa Inggris

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