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Cerita Inggris Indonesia: Why Snails Climb up Grass - Long long ago, Mr. Fish, Mr. Fly, Mr. Wasp and Mr. snail lived together in a small house. They divided the work among themselves. Mr. fish was the biggest and strongest. 

He was made the head of the house and his job was to find food. Mr. Fly, who could fly very fast, was made a messenger. Mr. Wasp was made a guard because of his painful sting. And Mr. Snail, who could only move slowly, looked after the house.

Early one day, Mr. Fish went out to look for food. He swam slowly in a nearby river. Suddenly, he saw something moving in the water. It was a big frog. “What a lovely meal.” He thought. He quickly seized the frog in his mouth and started to swim home. 

But he did not know there was a hook inside the frog which was tied to a string. Someone pulled the string and soon Mr. Fish found himself inside a fisherman’s basket. The fisherman took him home and ate him.

Of course, his friends did not know what had happened to him. They waited for him for several days. By this time, they all felt very hungry. Then Mr. Fly was sent out to look for Mr. Fish. Suddenly, he saw something moving in the water below. It was a fish whose lips moved in and out on the surface of the water.

Mr. Fly was angry. He thought the fish was laughing at him.

“Don’t laugh me!” he cried, “I’m looking for my friend Mr. Fish, have you seen him?”

But the fish still seemed to laugh at him. Mr. Fly flew lower and lower as he wanted to bite the fish. Suddenly, he felt very weak. He had not eaten any food for such a long time. His wings became heavier and heavier. “Plop!” he fell into the water and the fish swallowed him in a second.

Mr. Wasp and Mr. Snail were still waiting for Mr. Fish and Mr. Fly to return. Although they were both hungry, Mr. Snail was not as hungry as Mr. Wasp. He could eat mud while Mr. wasp could only tighten his belt. At last, Mr. wasp could not stand it any longer.

He flew out of the house to look for Mr. Fish and Mr. Fly. While he was flying, his hunger became worse. He tightened his belt again and again until finally he broke into two. That was the end of Mr. Wasp.

Cerita Inggris Indonesia: Why Snails Climb up Grass

Now only Mr. Snail was left. He left the house to look for his three friends. He was crying because he felt so lonely. Whenever he found some grass, he would climb up it to look around for his friends. Even today snails still cry, and whenever they see any grass they will climb up it and look around for their old friends.

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