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Narrative Text, Kancil and Tiger - Another enemy of Kancil was tiger. But just like Crocodile, Tiger not a clever fellow. One day tiger saw Kancil sitting dreamily under a big shady tree. He did not even look up when tiger approached him. He just sat there, playing with a stick which he held in his front paws.

“What are you doing there, Kancil?” asket Tiger curiously.
“Shhh, don’t disturb me, tiger,” answered Kancil, “I am thinking of my reward.”
“Your reward?” said the tiger more curiously than ever. “Who will give you a reward, and why should you get a reward?”

“Ah, one can’t even think in peace for one moment without being disturbed,” Grumble Kancil. “Well if you want to know, it is Nabi Sulaiman himself who will give me a reward,”
“Ah why should Nabi Sulaeman give you a reward. Kancil?” asked the tiger again.
“My goodness, you are really a busy-body,” said Kancil impatiently. “I suppose I have to tell you everything, otherwise you won’t leave me in peace. You see, Nabi Sulaeman has asked me to guard his drum during his absence, so that nobody will play on it. If I do my task well, he will be, but it will certainly be something precious, as Nabi Sulaeman is both rich and generous. You know that as well as I do.”

“You are indeed lucky, Kancil,” said Tiger enviously, “but where is that drum you are guarding?”
“Up there in the tree,” answered Kancil, pointing upwards with his stich. Tiger looked up and saw a round dark object hanging from one of the lower branches.

“That looks like a beehive to me,” said tiger amazed.
“A beehive! Tiger, if the Nabi could hear you! How dare you compare his holy drum with a beehive!” said Kancil in a shocked tone.
“Well,” said the tiger hastily, “I think it has a very unusual shape.”

For a moment Kancil and Tiger sat silently under tree, each absorbed in his own thoughts. Then Tiger said again, “Kancil, what will happen when somebody plays the drum?”

“Only Nabi Sulaeman may play the drum,” said Kancil quickly. “I have to prevent anybody from playing that drum.”
“Yes, but what will happen when Nabi sulaeman plays that drum?” Tiger insisted, not put off by Kancil’s gruff tone.
“According to what I have from my grandfather,” answered Kancil putting on a seriously face, “the person who plays that drum will hear beautiful music all around him. All the animals in the forest will come to listen, but they will be so afraid of the power of the player that they will hide their faces from him in awe. Nobody will dare to come near. Everybody will stay at a respectful distance. That’s what happens when Nabi sulaeman plays the drum.”

Kancil’s story made a deep impression on tiger. Suddenly he was seized with a great desire to play the drum, to hear the beautiful music Kancil had talked about and to enjoy the sight of the awestruck animals of the forest.
“Kancil,” he said, “lease, let me play just one little note on that drum. The Nabi will never hear it. I shall play softly.”
“Tiger, are you out of your mind?” shouted Kancil. “I have promised the great Nabi not to let anyone come near that drum?”

“Please, Kancil, dear friend, I long so much to hear that music and to see all the animals of the forest coming to me. If you let me do it, I shall tell you about a place where you can find the juiciest cucumbers in the world,” begged tiger.
“Cucumbers! Hmm, I do happen to be thirsty at the moment,” said kancil pensively. “Well … if you tell me where I can find there nice cucumbers, I shall pass my task on to you for a moment until I have quenched my thirst. The Nabi sulaeman not object to that, I think.”
“That’s a good idea!” tiger exclaimed.
“but remember, if the Nabi sulaeman finds out and punished you, you must not blame me.” Warned Kancil.
“Of course, Kancil, of course. Now, if you go straight along this path and turn to the left, you will find a little creek. Just follow the creek you will find the cucumber field.”

Tiger was very impatient to get Kancil going so that he could play the mysterious drum. Knacil gave him the stick and ran away as lighting.

Tiger picked up the stick expectantly and tapped lightly on the drum. Immediately, a soft humming sound was heard from inside the object. But nothing else happened. Tiger did not see a single animal approaching and soon afterward the humming stopped.

“I have to play a little louder,” he thought, and picking up the stick again he pounded in the drum. To his alarm the drum fell to pieces and before he realized exactly what he had done a great bunch of furious wasps fell upon him, stinging him everywhere. Tiger ran for his life, howling an roaring with all his might.

From all sides of the forest animals came running to see what all the noise was about. But as soon as they saw the wasps around tiger they covered their faces and ran away. Tiger ran on and on, until he reached the river. He plunged into the water and dives as deeply as he could. Only then did the wasps leave him.

Kancil meanwhile sat in the cucumber field wasps and stuffed himself with cucumbers until he nearly burst. Naturally, he was cautious not to come near Tiger to the next few weeks.

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