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Ada banyak cerita pengalaman yang akan dibagikan disini dan untuk kali ini akan dibeberkan sebuah cerita pengalaman kuliah di Jepang. Cerita pengalaman kuliah dalam bahasa Inggris ini dimaksudkan agar kita yang sedang belajar bahasa Inggris setidaknya memiliki referensi bagaimana menceritakan pengalaman menggunakan bahasa Inggris. Cerita pengalaman ini juga telah dilengkapi dengan versi terjemahan bahasa Indonesia.

Study in Japan

The adage says " experience is the best teacher " . Experiences both good and bad experiences , both contain a very useful learning value in one's life . Here I will try to share experiences about the ups and downs and learned a bitter bitter man in the country at their own expense in Japan ranging from Japanese schools , research student to master the program . I hope this experience can pump the spirit of those who want to study in foreign countries to study at their own expense . One of my principles , NO ITS NOT POSSIBLE !

Over the past 2 years studying Japanese , I can morning class . School from 8:30 am to 11:50 noon from Monday to Friday . After that I work . In order for a salary sufficient to cover needs as I mentioned above , I had to work a minimum of 8 hours per day from Monday to Saturday . By working 8 hours a day , even though the salary could cover expenses tight . Of course super condition lifestyle should save more money . Not only save more money , wear super save more money . Actually , the rules of Japanese immigration , which holds a student visa may only work a maximum of 4 hours a day . But the rules just a rule . I dare say , almost 90 % of foreign students in Japan at their own expense , to work more than 4 hours a day . There are 6 hours , 7 hours , 8 hours , some even 12 hours a day . How else would , stomach demands . If working 4 hours I would not guarantee sufficient salary . In addition, Japanese companies also need our energy . Anyway equally important keep a secret and careful , let me not get caught at immigration . Because if the company can be subject to stamp out negative and we could be deported .

The first experience of work , I can work in a furniture factory . 11.50 hours after school , me and my friends immediately ngacir wear bicycle to school deket park , we had lunch there together to pray , everything is in a hurry . After that directly genjot bike to the station , need about 5 minutes wearing a bicycle to the station . After that ride the train about 10 minutes . At the station where we disembarked , there were cars that fetch us . From there it will still take about 10 minutes to get to the furniture company .

Before coming to Japan , I 've heard many stories , complaints and messages of seniors who come first . Just get ready to be porters , prestige forget , forget the title in order to survive in Japan .... it says they are . The moral of this I bear a deep , strong and Insha Allah I will try to survive . Once inside the plant , we are divided , my friends that I was working motongin wood , there are lift - lift , there is work ngamplas ngalusin wood , I myself can work part painting . Understand khan painter hahaha ... so ..... Matzoh . Well ... quite frankly, pingin working cried the first time , it feels pingin lift the leg back to Indonesia ... anyway I can work like this . Was really what the senior diomongin Bener 100 % . You must be ready to be a laborer , working to earn money for anything , do not nyante , never thinking can work sitting , all part of our work is part of the porters so it must stand . So get ready to stand 8-10 hours a day ...... that their message .

I remember their message .... but still wanna cry . Understandably ... fresh graduate , graduated cum laude use frills frills above 3.6 , which use motors where the first tiger so until the Japanese even dropped so drastically bicycle , first ask for the same money the mother or father or brother now so stained looking for the porters themselves, anyways my visa is student visa , and then I came to Japan for my own expense , discharged tens of millions for Japanese. Here I should be a porters , heart vexed , annoyed , cry and willingly jumbled also. But I also think, cook until here already want to go home , which would put my face , if not his job going to eat? how to pay for school ? how to pay for the house ? how mind if I go home parent ? 1000 mixed headache circumference . Finally, how else .... there's no other words , there's no other alternative , consciousness began to grow , this is a risk and a challenge for me . I had to quickly realize and set the pace . Little by little, I could control my heart ... until finally I could say to myself ' I can do ' .


Demikianlah tadi cerita Inggris Indonesia yang memuat mengenai Cerita Pengalaman Kuliah Dalam Bahasa Inggris. Hal yang dapat dipetik dari cerita di atas selain kita belajar menyusun cerita pengalaman pribadi kita menggunakan bahasa Inggris tetapi kita juga dapat mengetahui bahwa untuk belajar di luar negeri tidaklah semudah seperti apa yang kita bayangkan.

Melalui cerita tersebut semoga dapat menjadi inspirasi bagi kita semua khususnya bagi rekan-rekan yang sedang mempersiapkan diri untuk belajar keluar negeri seperti di Jepang. Yang masih membutuhkan cerita pengalaman singkat dalam bahasa Inggris lainnya silahkan lihat cerita lainnya di bagian pencarian. Sampai disini, semoga membantu!

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