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Dongeng Singkat tentang Raja (King) - Salah satu materi dongeng, cerita rakyat atau legenda biasanya tentang seorang raja yang memerintah di kerajaannya. Untuk tambahan referensi, kali ini website cerita Inggris Indonesia akan membahas dua judul dongeng sekaligus yaitu tentang raja (king).

Dua cerita bahasa Inggris ini sangat singkat karena itulah maka dari pada di pisah-pisah langsung di bahas sekaligus saja cerita tersebut. Dongeng singkat berikut seperti yang sudah disebutkan di atas terdiri dari dua dongeng yang kedua-duanya dalam bahasa Inggris. Untuk cerita dongeng kali ini tidak disertai dengan terjemahan dalam bahasa Indonesia jadi yang membutuhkan versi terjemahan bisa menggunakan terjemahan online.

Cerita yang sangat singkat ini bisa dijadikan sebagai hiburan saja atau bisa digunakan sebagai bahan belajar bahasa Inggris. Selain itu cerita ini bisa juga dijadikan bahan analis seperti misalnya mencari pesan moral dongeng, meneliti unsur-unsur dongeng dan lain sebagainya. Selain untuk hal tersebut jika anda bisa memahaminya cerita ini juga dapat diceritakan kembali dalam bentuk story telling yang tentu saja singkat dan menarik.

Dongeng Singkat The King and The Robber

Dongen yang pertama adalah dongeng yang berjudul "The King and The Robber". Seperti terlihat di judulnya tersebut cerita ini tentu mengisahkan antara seorang raja dan perampok. Bagaimanakah cerita selengkapnya? Silahkan anda baca langsung cerita tersebut di bawah ini.

The King and The Robber
(Raja dan Perampok)

Once in a big village lived many robbers. They would roam around the streets and steal as they willed, out of these, one particular thief used to regularly attend the spiritual discourses given by the local sadhu at the village temple.

Once, while on his way to the assembly his foot was pricked by a thorn. It became red and swollen, that night he couldn't join his team for their nightly looting, his friends, however, carried on without him.

There was a king in that town who had a lot of wealthy the robbers decided to rob the king that night they broke into the king's treasury and succeeded in escaping with millions and millions of rupees overnight, they shared the wealth amongst themselves and slept as millionaires.

Hearing of this success, the thief that didn't go was scolded by his family "Just because you went to the assembly you got hurt and failed to join your friends in that robbery you had to sit here and waste your time you didn't get a single penny and they're all millionaires."

While these words were being repeatedly said the king's army had arrived they had tracked the robbers down and collected all of them for execution even the innocent thief was lined up for death. All of the robbers, including the innocent one, were lined up ready to be executed.

At that time all the villagers had gathered in the court the sadhu and the local villagers stood up as witnesses and said that the last thief that had been hurt by a thorn had not gone out stealing that night and the king set him free.


Dongeng Singkat The King and the Beggar

Kalau pada cerita di atas kita mengikuti kisah seorang raja dengan perampok sekarang kita akan membaca kisah seorang raja dan pengemis. Kira-kira seperti apa ya jalan ceritanya? Apakah sama menariknya dengan dongeng yang pertama? Dari pada kita cuma penasaran saja lebih baik kita baca langsung cerita selengkapnya di bawah ini.

The King and the Beggar

(Raja dan Pengemis)

There was once a poor beggar sitting alongside the road, he begged from morning until night, all he had received was a few grains. But in hopes he may earn more, he continued to beg. Soon the beggar noticed the king coming towards him. 

The beggar was excited. "May be the king will give me something expensive" he thought. "I'll sell it, and then I will buy myself some food."

The king got out his chariot and walked towards the beggar, but just as the beggar's hopes were raised, the king reached his hands out and begged before the beggar himself could beg!, the beggar was confused "what i give him?" he thought. 

Not knowing what else to do, he reached into his bag and gave the king a few of his grains. The king took the grains and walk off. The beggar went home sad and sullen. He was upset about not having received anything from the king.

"The townspeople are selfish," he thought. "Nobody gives, nobody cares"

With such thoughts racing through his mind, the beggar dashed his bag of grains against the ground, two golden coin sprung out from the bag as it hit the ground, the king had granted the beggar these two coins without him knowing, he had given them in exchange for the grains.

"What a fool I am!" the beggar thought
"I would have received so much more if I had given the king the whole bag!"


Cukup pendek bukan Dongeng tentang Raja (King) di atas, pastikan kita tidak akan malas membacanya. Kalau mengalami kesulitan dengan bahasa yang digunakan anda bisa menerjemahkan cerita di atas secara manual atau menggunakan google terjemahan.

Kalau sudah selesai dengan yang singkat dan pendek di atas jangan lupa baca juga cerita-cerita lain yang sangat menarik dan menghibur di bawah ini. Semua yang diberikan disini gratis agar bisa menjadi referensi dan bahan untuk anda semua yang membutuhkan.

The King and the Donkey
(Folktale from Chinese) 

Once upon a time, Chao Kao was the Prime Minister of the State of Ch’in. although he was Prime Minister, he was jealous of the King. He wanted to take his place. He knew that he could not do so without the help of the other officers of Ch’in. At last, he thought of a way. He bought a donkey and gave it to the King.

“Your Majesty,” he said, “Please accept this small present,”
“What is it?” the king asked.

“It is a horse,” replied Chao Kao.

The king looked closely at the animal. “A horse!” he said. “You are wrong. It is a donkey,”
“Excuse me, Your Majesty,” answered Chao Kao. “It is a horse. If you do not believe me, you may ask your officers.”

The king asked all the officers. Although they knew it was a donkey, they all said it was a horse. They were very much afraid of Chao Kao.

Chao Kao then sent for the General in charge of the army.

“Arrest the king,” he ordered. “and put him in prison. He is no longer King of Ch’in. I have taken his place.”

The general did as he was told. Chao Kao gave each of the senior officers one hundred pieces of silver and other presents for helping him.


The King’s Kinka
(Favourite story from Thailand) 

The kinka is a small lizard with a red ring around its neck. This story is about a kinka that lived in the king’s garden.

One day the king took a walk through his garden. He looked at the birds and the flowers. He looked at the trees. Suddenly he noticed a kinkas do when they are frightened.

“Look at this,” said the king. “this lizard is very clever. He knows how to behave before the king. He is certainly the most polite animal I have ever seen.”

The king called his gardener. “I want you to feed this kinka. Give him some meat each day. Here is a bag of gold coins to pay for the meat.”

And so, each day the gardener used two gold coins to buy meat for the kinka. The kinka grew fat and lazy. He no longer ran through the garden.

One day the gardener was too busy to buy meat. Instead, he hung the two gold coins around the kinka’s neck. The kinka climbed to the top of the garden gate. Soon the king came along on his daily walk. He saw the kinka. This time the kinka did not nod its head because the coins around its neck were so heavy. It simply looked down on the king.

“What a proud kinka you are,” said the king. “You are too proud to be polite.”

After that the king refused to buy any special meat for the kinka. Like other animals, the kinka once again had to find its own food.


The King's Judgement

Once upon a time, there was a poor man named Juan. He led a very hard life and often had no food to eat.
One day, when he was feeling very tired and hungry, he passed by the house of a rich merchant called Pedro. Pedro was cooking some food which smelled very good.

“Ah!” thought Juan. “The smell of that food makes me feel better.”

He went to thank Pedro for allowing him to smell the food.
“You have smelled my food,” said Pedro. “so you must pay me for it.”
“I’m sorry,” replied Juan. “but I don’t have any money.”

“I don’t care. You must pay me something.”
“All right.” Said Juan. “Let’s go to see the king. We can ask him to settle the matter for us.

They set out together for the king’s palace. On the way they met a young man named Manuel. He was trying to pull his horse out of a ditch.

“Please help me pull my horse out of the ditch,” he begged them.

Pedro did not want to help. But Juan helped Manuel by pulling the horse by its tail.
He pulled so hard that the tail came off in his hand.

“Look what you’ve done!” cried Manuel. “You’ll have to pay me for my horse’s tail or find a new tail.”

“I’m only a poor man,” said Juan. “How can I pay you any money or find a new tail for your horse? I was only trying to help you,”
“Please come with us to see the king. We can ask him to settle the matter.”

When Juan, Pedro and Manuel arrived at the Palace, Juan explained to the king what had happened. 
The king kept quiet for some time. He then ordered one of h servants to bring in some silver coins. He placed them on the table in front of him.

“Smell them,” he ordered Pedro. “Juan was happy to smell your food. So you will have to be happy to smell the money.”

Pedro did as he was told. He afterwards left the palace without saying another word.
The king then turned to Manuel. “Is it correct that you want Juan either to pay you some money or to find a new tail for your horse?” he asked.

“Yes Your Majesty.”
“In that case,” said the King, “You must lend your horse to Juan until it grows a new tail.”

Juan was very pleased with the King’s decision. He left the palace riding the horse. Manuel walked home silence.

Dua Dongeng Singkat tentang Raja (King)

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