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Narrative Singkat The Dishonest Friend - A merchant called Naduk was unlucky to lose a lot of money in a business deal. He decided to go abroad to do more trading and make up for his loss. Before he set out on his journey he visited his friend Lakshman and gave him a bar of silver.

“Dear friend Lakshman,” Naduk said, “Will you please keep this bar of silver for me until I come back from my travels? If I do not make a profit I will at least have this when I return.”

His friend agreed and took the bar of silver and Naduk left on his travels t once. After many months he returned and went” to Lakshman house.

“Dear friend Lakshman. Please give back my bar of silver,” he said.
Lakshman looked very upset. “I am very sorry,” he replied, “But your bar silver was eaten by mice,”

Naduk looked at him amazement, but then he shrugged his shoulders and said. “That is very bad news, but I can’t blame you for what the mice have done. Such is life. Ah well, nothing last forever. Don’t worry any more my friend. At the moment I’m hot and dusty and want to bathe in the river. May I take you son with me to help me carry my bathing things?”

You for wha was glad that he had not had any trouble with Naduk. He called his son and told him to go with Naduk and carry his things.

When he had washed the dusk from his body, Naduk climbed back onto the river bank. He dressed and then said to the boy, “Come, let us rest for a while in that cave where it is cool.”

He gave the boy a handful of sweets and took him to a deep cave close to the river. The young boy went inside. Suddenly Naduk pushed the boy to the ground and closed the entrance from the outside with a big rock, before he could get up. Then he went back to you for wha’s house.
“Friend Naduk,” you for wha said, “You’re back? And where is my boy?”

Naduk hung his head.
“A most terrible thing happened at the river bank,” he answered softly. “A hawk suddenly swooped down and carried off your son. I could do nothing to help him.”
“What a liar you are! How could a hawk carry off a boy as big as my son?” Lakshman said angrily.
Naduk looked his friend straight in the eyes.

“well, my dear friend Lakshman,” he said calmly, “If mice cat eat silver, then hawks can carry off boys.”
For a while Lakshman said nothing. Then he knew that Naduk had tricked him just as he had tricked Naduk. So he said, “Give me back my son and I will give you back your bar of silver.”

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