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Fabel Singkat The Dragon Who Liked to Sunbath - Once there was a lonely old dragon that lived in a cave beneath a river. He liked to live under the sun, and because he looked fierce, villagers were afraid of them. Actually, the old dragon was not fierce at all. He had lost his horns and had only one large yellow tooth left.

One day, the old dragon tried to fly, but his wings were stiff, so he just lay in the sun, wishing he were young again. Just then, he heard someone crying for help. Looking up, the dragon saw a young girl had fallen into the river. He jumped into the water and quickly pulled her to shore.

The girl was not afraid of him because her grandfather told her that the old dragon had never eaten anyone. To replay the dragon , the little girl brought him a swallow because it is his favorite food. Since then they became friends.

One day, the young man of the village saw the girl with the dragon. He planned to frighten the dragon.

When the dragon was sleeping in the sun, the young man tied ropes and nets around the old dragon’s body. When the dragon woke up, he was surprised and he pulled the ropes and the nets. He tore many trees and threw rock into the air. He made such a noise that the villagers were very frightened.

The little girl knew about this and ran to help him. But it was too late. The tired old dragon had died, and his body slowly sank unto the muddy.

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