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Cerita Lucu Pendek Singkat - Melanjutkan berbagai cerita sebelumnya hari ini secara khusus akan ditambahkan lagi beberapa koleksi cerita lucu singkat sekaligus sebagai hiburan kita di kala senggang. Ada 4 buah cerita yang cukup pendek yang akan diberikan, semuanya lucu-lucu, mudah-mudahan bisa menghibur kita semua.

Cerita lucu pendek berikut ini semua ditulis dalam bahasa Inggris. Untuk sementara cerita-cerita itu tidak disertai dengan terjemahan atau versi Indonesia jadi jika ada rekan pelajar sekolah yang membutuhkan versi terjemahan bisa menggunakan terjemahan dari google langsung. Berikut Cerita Lucu Pendek Singkat tersebut selengkapnya.

Cerita Lucu A Frenchman in England
A Frenchman was once travelling in England. He could speak English very well, but his vocabulary was not large. One day he was dining in a country hotel and wanted to order some eggs. But he didn’t know or remember how to say it in English (the word “egg”). Just then he saw a cock out of the window.

“What do you call that bird?” he asked the waiter.
“I call it a cock,” answered the waiter.
“What do you call the wife of cock?” he asked
“I call it a hen.” The waiter answered.
“What do you call the hen's children?” he asked
“I call them chickens.” The waiter told him

“What do you call the chicken before they are born?” the Frenchman asked the waiter again.
“I call them eggs.” Said the waiter
“Fine!” said the Frenchman. “please bring me two boiled eggs.”

Cerita Lucu A Man and His Two Wives
There was once a man who had two wives. One of them was old, and the other was young. The man himself was not young. His hair was divided to two colours, his hair was half black and other was white.

When the man stayed with her second wife, the first wife who was still young did not want her husband to look old because she herself was not old (still young). So she pulled out all his husband’s white hair to made him look young.

But when the man went to his first wife, the second wife who was old did not want her husband to look young because she herself was old. So she pulled out all his husband’s black hair to made him look old.

At last the poor man had neither black hair nor white hair on his head, he had not hair forever.

Cerita Lucu Singkat Junha's Wonders
Once upon a time, there was a small village in Baghdad, with a small population. In this village, everybody knew each other and about every problem in the village. There was a bakery that was popular for its delicious bread.

One day, a poor old man was walking along the street. When he passed, the bakery, he stopped to smell the scent of the bread being emitted.

Suddenly, the baker caught the old man and shouted at him, demanding the price of the bread's scent. He almost dragged him to the police.

A very famous wise man named Junha heard the baker shouting. So, he approached him and asked about the problem. Junha stood calmly listening to the baker, as he thought about a solution.

After a few minutes, Junha's eyes glistened and an amused smile was on his face. He asked the baker, "How much money do you want?" The baker and the poor man were astonished, but the baker answered, "3 dinars." Junha took the money out of his wallet andput it in his pocket and shook the money. "Did you hear the sound of the money?" Junha asked. "Yes,

I did," the baker replied and with a big smile Junha said, "Well then, this costs the same as your bread's scent."

Head Between the Cow’s Horn
Every morning, Moti Patel would sit outside his house and brush his teeth with a datan stick. And every morning at the same time, a cow would sit in front of Mothibai’s home and graze on the grass.

As Mothibai’s brushed his teeth, his eye would naturally fall on the cow’s perfect horns, each time he saw the cow’s horn, he would think “My head would fit snugly between those horn! I am going to try to place my head in those horns one day.” 

Six months passed. One morning after brushing his teeth, Mothibai took along look at that cow’s perfect horns and made a firm decision in his mind. Before anyone stops him, Mothibai walked over to the cow and put his head snugly between the cow’s horns. Mothibai had succeed, there was only one problem, the cow terrified by having a man stuck in her horn jumped so high in fright and ran around the village with Mothibai stuck in her horns. Mothibai could barely cry for help. Surprised villagers ran after the cow and got her to stop. 

They pulled Mothibai out of her horn and asked, “Mothibai, Why didn’t you stop to think before you did this?” The bruised and battered Mothibai slowly replied, “I did!!! I thought about it every day for six months.”

Our thoughts become our actions. If we think about foolish things, we will do foolish things. If we think of positive things our live will become positive and devoted to God.

Semoga beberapa tambahan koleksi Cerita Lucu Pendek Singkat tersebut bisa bermanfaat bagi kita semua baik itu untuk sekedar hiburan maupun untuk mendalami kemampuan bahasa Inggris kita. Sekian, terima kasih!

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